A court has ruled in favor of a deceased millionaire's mistress in a lengthy legal battle, awarding her the proceeds from the sale of his Florida condominium. There was some contention as to whether the woman manipulated the man, who revised his will shortly before his death at a time when he allegedly drank a gallon of wine every day.

The state Supreme Court ruled against the mistress in 2009, deciding that the woman was not entitled to the condo or other inheritances, including a property in Cape Cod. The woman's lawyer argued that she was protected by a Florida state law that prevents individuals who are to receive property under wills from being disinherited.

The judge in the recent Supreme Court hearing agreed with this assertion, explaining that while the case was being held in another state, the law should apply to the condominium as it is located in Florida. Another judge said that the court was misapplying the Florida law, explaining that the will only intended to leave physical property to the mistress, not the proceeds from a sale. The court ruled 4-3 in favor of the mistress, putting a likely end to the lengthy estate battle. She will be awarded the $1.36 million from the sale of the condo.

According to reports, the man had changed his will multiple times before he died in favor of his mistress. Other adjustments to his will included a monthly allowance of nearly $8,000 for his mistress as well as a Cape Cod property that she was also to inherit. The mistress's attorney says this ruling should bring a close to the estate battle, but reports suggest the man's wife may request an appeal.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Mistress wins court ruling involving deceased car dealer's estate," Bill Rankin, 31 May 2011