A woman who violated an official probate court order by taking her elderly mother to Florida in the midst of several estate administration hearings has been formally charged with criminal sanctions. In 2010, a regional probate court had issued a statement temporarily barring anyone from taking the elderly mother out of state and granting the son conservatorship over their ailing mother.

In July of 2011, the daughter reportedly took her mother from her home during a prescheduled visitation. Police soon discovered that the two had not returned at the scheduled time, and heard reports that they had gone to Florida. However, the pair's exact location was not known at the time.

Officials had jurisdictional concerns over the enforcement in Florida of an order issued by the probate court in the daughter's home state. Law enforcement officials eventually issued a criminal warrant for her arrest.

Later in July, a Florida sheriff's office contacted police from the daughter's home state to inform them that they had located her. The Florida officials arrested her based upon the warrant issued in her home state. Police say that the house where the daughter and her mother were found was the family home of one of the daughter's former companions.

The arresting officers also took the mother into protective custody. Police say that the mother was transported back to her home state by other family members.

Police transported the daughter back to her home state to be charged with custodial interference. Her bond has been set at $75,000. Further action is pending.

Source: Stratford Patch, "Daughter Busted for Allegedly Taking Mother to Florida," July 29, 2011